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We love hearing from you and wanted to share some of the comments we've received. Drop us a line, let us know what you're thinking!

  • Thanks for taking care of this. I think this is one of the major advantages of "dealing" with a small company- one can easily reach someone who has "power" to help the customer. Best wishes with your business. I hope you are doing well, there is a need for companies like yours. Helen, New customer in WA

  • WOW! I am not sure if anyone else has commented on the way items are packed -- but, for sure, I am. These days companies are charging horrible amounts for shipping, then slapping a label on the product box -- without even putting cans and such into another box. Whoever designed how to package the cans from you guys is fabulous!! Not a dent in the bunch. Glad you had the organic pumpkin stores really only carry during the holidays. Absolutely, my husband and I will shop organic with you again. Thanks for restoring our faith in vendors out there!Mary, New customer in PA

  • Thank you so much for your detailed and educational reply! We'll be placing an order sometime this week. I really cannot emphasize to you or your supervisor(s) enough what a wonderful surprise it was to receive your thoughtful e-mail. I think I've become desensitized and oddly accustomed to the cold way most online vendors do business. This type of exceptional service is what should set web stores apart from each other, not simply price.-Kathryn, New Customer in response to our answer about organic products being non-GMO

  • "Lisa,Thank you sooooooo much!!! You folks know EVERYTHING about natural and organic or how to find out EVERYTHING. How very cool for us. We will let you know what our personal recipe turns out to be!"-Cheryl, Loyal Repeat Customer in Tucson, AZ

  • "Thank you for your wonderful customer service."- Barbara, New Customer in Moorpark, CA

  • "I have commented before giving you guys major kudos for carrying such amazing foods for people who are dairy/calcium intolerant. I just wanted to say thank you, I got my most recent order today and you guys included not 1 but 2 extra treats for me to sample! Thank you so much! :)"- Charli, Loyal Repeat Customer

  • "...excited to try some stuff I can't get here and I can get a lot here.."- Deborah, New Customer in Madison, WI

  • "You're a nice company. Thank you very much. You can expect to hear from me in the future."- Robert, New Customer

  • "Wow thanks, wish there were more companies like yours. I look forward to adding raw almond to my diet for now on."- Mark, New Customer

  • "Thank you very much I really appreciate it. You give excellent service. I would certainly recomment you to my friends."- Dorothy, New Customer

  • "Thank you for your quick response. Nice customer service. Glad I chose to order my product from you."- Nancy, New Customer

  • "keep up the good work with Raw foods!!! I am glad to hear that companies like this are still around."- Mark, New APO Customer

  • "I love the Ecover dishwasher tablets! I hadn't even considered them until you sent a sample. So glad you did! Our well water is hard and this worked wonders on not leaving hard water spots. Seventh Generation liquid works well too but Ecover out performed it. No more rewashing, yay! Thanks!"- Carrie, Loyal Repeat Customer

  • "Thank you, Cara! I'm very impressed with your excellent customer service. You guys are the greatest!"- Christine, Loyal Repeat Customer

  • "You guys are the best! Hands down my favorite online store! I can't tell you how much I appreciate an organic store that ships to a military member stationed overseas. It is hard to find quality organic/vegan products and you have my appreciation for providing this service. I let all my Airmen know about your site! Thanks so much!" - Stephanie, Overseas Military Customer

  • "I just want to say I am glad I found your website. So far everything has been to my liking. I don't drive and have access to wholefoods so to have a site that sells organic products at good prices is nice. I've also found items I haven't seen in Sprouts, whole foods, etc. Keep up the good work." - Sharon, Survey Respondent

  • "I'm very pleased with the service and especially the packing and shipping of our order. The bottles of Wheat-free Tamari and Bragg's Aminos arrived individually wrapped in recyclable cardboard sleeves and padded with organic packing peanuts and heavy paper in a cardboard box that will be reused or recycled. The only thing not organic in nature was a small amount of postal packing tape. All this at a very competitive price to the not-so-local health food store which is a 35-mile trip each way. Thanks and kudos."Don, New Customer

  • "Hi! I am a new customer who is working her way through the great products from order #1. There will definitely be more orders from me! I love what you sent me. I truly appreciate the carefully-boxed (no wasted space) order and the biodegradable packing material. I also really appreciate the customer service and the hand-signed note to accompany. You clearly have a well-run business that deals not just in organic product but also integrity on many levels. That's terrific and I am so glad I have found you guys!" - Paula, New Customer

  • "I have been so enjoying my shoporganic goodies! how did i ever make it this far without dr. bronner's castile liquid !?!?!? and the nature's baby conditioner is amazing on my daughter's curls!!! love my giovanni hand soap it smells good enough to eat and safe enough to as well but i didn't lol just some of the many wonderful things santa brought early from shoporganic. i "liked' shoporganic bc of a contest mention on kind life and now love them bc of their incredible customer service, quality of products, and they have set out to achieve something that will make a positive difference and hold to that." - Kate, New Customer

  • "What would I do without shopOrganic? You always seem to have the things I can't find anywhere else!" - Deborah, Loyal Repeat Customer

  • "Dealing with you and your company has been an absolute joy....I am looking forward to ordering more from you." - Linda, New Customer

  • "I am very happy with your products and your service. I was very impressed that you called me personally to explain why I could not order chocolate in the summer. I should have known better! Other companies would have just left it out of the box with a ticked box (maybe). You do a great job." - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "Hi Lisa, I received my bars. I tried the belle bananas foster and it is yummy!! Thanks again for sending the box of haute diggity date bars. I am very impressed with your organization and you have wonderful customer service. I will be ordering from you again!! Have a great day." - Jackie, New customer

  • "You have wonderful online store and I look forward to shopping there again." - Denise, New customer

  • "I received my first order from Shop Organic and wanted to say thank you! Your website is easy to navigate, the shipping was fast, and I've been impressed with the products I've tried so far. I'm looking forward to leaving feedback about products so that other customers will use this tool, I noticed that none of the ones I ordered had any reviews yet.I'm already raving about you to my friends - thanks! :)" - Deirdre, New customer

  • "You guys always do an amazing job, thanks in advance!" - Simone, APO/FPO Customer

  • "Thanks for a great selection and careful packing!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "Wow you guys are awesome so glad to have found you." - Colleen, new customer from Florida

  • "It's no secret that I am an admirer of your management capabilities, your customer friendly website, followed by thorough and efficient service. Several times you've gone out of your way to satisfy our needs, and we appreciate it more than you know. We wish you well in all your business endeavors, and success in this business downturn." - Anonymous

  • "Was having difficulty in locating the Lakewood black cherry juice concentrate here in the Katy/Houston area, Googled it, and your website popped up. And it has been a continuous love affair ever since. I don't know how long we have been using you, but we give a lot of referrals to our friends about you, your products and your excellent customer service." - Anonymous

  • "Was searching for bulk organic Pinto Beans and compared your offer to others and chose yours because of the information your site provided and the fact that I could get shipping cost without giving a lot of information." - Anonymous

  • "Hope that you restock your merchandise quickly because I just bought you out of the last few bars of my favorite kind of soap (A Wild Soap Bar-Honey&Oat Fragrance Free)!!! You had the best prices that I could find online(for what I was looking for)- THANKS FOR THAT-Keep up the good work!!!" - Anonymous

  • "Hello, I just received the dried, unsulfured Turkish apricots - what a delicious, sweet, soft, loaded with flavor treat! They are infinitely better than the sulfured variety. You can be sure I'll be back for more! Thank you." - Diane

  • "Finding truly organic products is truly difficult. Now, we know where to look. Thank you!" - Shirley

  • "I had to call Customer Service because a coupon didn't work. I had to leave a voicemail and figured I wouldn't hear back, but got a call in less than 5 minutes with a solution. Very nice customer service, thanks! I'm amazed and delighted, not much of that left these days. I will certainly come back to your store!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "It's nice to have found a web shop with integrity and prompt customer service." - Resa

  • "We live on a remote military installation in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Our packages take a beating. Thanks again for packing our orders so carefully!" - Mark

  • "We live far enough from a major metro that it's a wash between shipping and gasoline. Thanks for your wonderful service!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "Hi, This is just a quick note to say thanks! I appreciate your great selection, friendly service, and fast shipping. Everything is great! I am really impressed by your fantastic selection of organic goods." - Jonathan

  • "I really LOVE the "kits" you've put together. I have ordered them as a way to try products I may not be familiar with, and at a fantastic price! I have re-ordered some of the items I discovered from these kits too. Now I am excited to try the "food kits"! The Chico bag is a bonus, and thank you so much for all the choices!" - Charlene

  • "We really like ShopOrganic. I am dependent on mail order for some of my organic items and your site is a delight to navigate and purchase from, so I keep coming to you if there is a choice. Haven't had any questions or problems, the coupons work great (thank you, I love them!) and I don't have a thing to criticize. It's marvelous, thank you!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "I really like shopping with The prices, selection and customer service are the best! Your shipping is also incredibly fast. I live 100 miles away from the nearest store that sells organic products. I could not drive there and back for less than what it costs to order from you and have it shipped to my door. Plus, I get to shop from the convenience of my home." - Carrie, Texas

  • "I ordered from shopOrganic soon after receiving the go ahead that it was up and running - I have noticed more products are available now, and am so excited! My sister has been shopping regularly, and has kept me posted of all the goodies now! Hooray!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "Thank you guys for providing the services you do. It's been a long time coming to have such quality available to the general public." - A 'Sharing the Love' comment

  • "The site is very nice and the prices... were comparable with our health food store. Thanks for a nice site. Enjoyed it very much." - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "I liked the feature of being notified when [products] become available! It is a fun and inviting website to visit! Thank you!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

  • "Love the layout, great products and great prices. I shop several other stores and I believe you've topped them all!" - Anonymous Survey Respondent

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